Toll Blending


Solnexus is capable of blending a wide range of chemicals unique to the job required of them. Customers can provide all raw materials for their required chemical blend with a small per gallon blend fee attached by Solnexus. However, we may have a better position on raw materials and in some cases we can source them for you. Solnexus can blend proprietary products that are unregistered (i.e. scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, etc.) Solnexus was also granted EPA certification to blend biocides in 2015 and have maintained a high standard of service and quality in order to keep our EPA certification.

Solnexus labs will quality control and quality assure your finished product (and raws) as well as provide a Certificate of Analysis for each batch. If necessary Solnexus will manage your inventory, maintain pars, and deliver to location. For a monthly charge we can store your product in bulk tanks in our newly built, top of the line facilities. All laboratory work is available free of charge for all Solnexus customers. Solnexus is open 24/7 for pickups or deliveries with minimal lead time.

Solnexus current registered biocides blends:


• Bronopol


• Glutaraldehyde

• Quaternary amines

• Glut/Quat blends

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